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What is is a website of which main goal is to show you places in Slovakia that you have possibly never seen or visited before. It offers you an opportunity of "virtual tourism" throughout the beautiful country of Slovakia using the most recent viewing technologies. You can find out more about history and culture of the Slovak republic, explore beautiful landscapes and we believe you will find this interactive tool very useful and enjoyable. We also hope that this form of presentation will motivate you to visit the presented locations personally.
A virtual tour is a photography which shows a space in the maximum angle of view of 360x180°. Thus you can see the whole space around you, even underneath you, from one place. You can rotate such a photography in any direction using your mouse or keyboard what gives you greater perspective of the viewed space. This makes your pleasure bigger than while viewing a static image.
What do I need to display a virtual tour?
To display a virtual tour from this website it's necessary to have a Java support, Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime or a web browser plug-in DevalVR installed. These tools can be freely downloaded directly from this website using the links listed in the Download section.
Which mode of view should I choose?
This website uses a mode of view autodetection tools to enhance a chance of viewing virtual tour without need of a new plug-in instalation. However, you can change a mode of view by choosing one from the list under the virtual tour. In a case you don't have the necessary plug-in installed on your computer, you can install it directly using your web browser. For the best quality and pleasure of viewing we recommend to use DevalVR mode of view. This plug-in offers the highest quality of viewing and smoothness while rotating the picture thanks to its hardware support. Its installation is very easy - just a click on the installation offer and it will be downloaded and installed automatically in a few seconds. Also you can download this plug-in yourself using the link in the Download section. DevalVR is the smallest but most powerful plug-in of all mentioned here.
How can I control a virtual tour?
A virtual tour can be controlled either using your mouse or keyboard. Simply click in the virtual tour and move the cursor in any direction while the left mouse button is being pressed. You can also zoom the view using keyboard keys SHIFT (zoom-in) and CTRL (zoom-out) or your mouse wheel. Most of the plug-ins displays their own toolbar with another functions i.e. FULLSCREEN mode, which lets you enjoy the virtual tour even more. We recommend this mode while viewing virtual tour using the DevalVR plug-in.
Which web browser is the most suitable?
Pages on this site are optimized for the most popular web browsers - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, Mozilla Firefox 2, 3, Opera 9, 10 and Safari 3, 4. It depends only on your preference which one to use during your "virtual travelling". All of these browsers are freely available on their developers' websites. You can download them easily using the links in the Download section. Web browser Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4 is recommended.
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